Well, it's official. We will be launching an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign on Tuesday Sep 3rd for photoXplorers season 2. Please check us out on Tuesday at the link you see above on the banner. The PERKS are insane including; BOOKS, GUEST APPEARANCES ON THE SHOW, PLANE TICKETS AND MORE...

The campaign will run for 47 glorious days. Principal Photography of photoXplores season 2 is slated to begin in November. This series is for those of you who have always been curious to see what is behind the barricades of abandoned buildings and have a burning desire to use your cameras to create art.

We need your help to make this a successful campaign.

Please help us spread the word. We will be posting the links to the campaign on Tuesday Sep 3rd with full details on how the funds will be used and MORE IMPORTANTLY, what YOU get for your donations.

Thanks in advance Claude

View the campaign at the link below